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To Whom It May Concern:

To succeed requires a marketing partner who understands the challenge and can offer you support by providing the three ingredients key to success: a depth of resources in every communications and creative discipline, the expertise of top communications professionals, and a respect for budgets and time frames. I have such a partner in Will Mote and DBM.

Will offers a blend of skills and talents that can be brought to bear on any client’s needs. He has worked on a broad range of projects for me, including print, brochures, newsletters, product sheets, logo designs, and presentation materials, for both business to business and consumer marketing programs. For each project, he provides dynamic, attention-getting, persuasive solutions.

Will’s true talent lies in understanding and interpreting “what the project calls for,” and his approach is always right on the mark. His strategy and creative execution are built around strong selling ideas that reflect the motivations and belief structures of the target audience, with the proper adaptation for the required media.

Managing a large group of clients requires last minute projects, revised budgets and coordinating priorities. Will is always considerate of these variables; he is consistently on-time and on-budget.

Will Mote is a marketing and creative source who consistently exceeds my expectations. And that makes Sana Group look good!


Lisa P. Carlson

The Sana Group


Will is one of the most creative guys I know, and one of the easiest to work with! DBM is on the top of the list when it comes to unique, practical ideas that get attention on a tight deadline, with minimal stress. DBM can get jobs out when other design groups have excuses. They do what needs to be done, WHEN it needs to be done, and it still has the good visual you needed. We’ve been able to count on DBM for over 10 years, and they have consistently been dependable. DBM will do what it takes to help you look good and meet your deadline at the same time.

Marsha Cannonie
Art Director

Nikko America, Inc


Dear Will:

Thanks again for your hard work on our Networld + Interop trade show promotion. The exhibit graphics, T-shirt give-aways, and lead survey cards combined to make one of the most successful trade show events LanOptics has ever had. In fact, interest was so high that show attendees actually formed a line around our booth to participate in the promotion! As always, your creativity and attention to detail helped pull everything together in a very short time.

We look forward to working with you soon on our next successful project.

Best regards,

Deborah Mazur
Manager, Marketing Communications



Dear Will:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere admiration for the work you’ve done for American Eagle. I know we’ve been working together for over two years and that should prove to you I value your artistic talent and production skills, but I think this letter is long over due.

You constantly amaze me with your lightning quick turn-around times and your completely fresh approach to conceptual problems. Your solutions have ranged from an eye-popping sales contest, the 20th Anniversary jet graphics, to a seemingly simplistic banner, each which solve my communications problem clearly and succinctly.

And — one more morsel of praise — thank you for being so easy to work with. It’s a trait that is not easily found in the “big” agencies of today, and the one I value most.

Besty Cook
Sales Promotions Manager

American Eagle


To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at Designs by Mote, DBM, for the past three years although my company has maintained a relationship exceeding 10 years. William and Stephanie Mote have developed an environment of integrity, creativity and efficiency. Their staff members demonstrate high levels of professionalism and competency.

DBM offers me the comfort of an extension to my sales and marketing group. I trust and turn to DBM (very often) for marketing concepts, out-of-the-box‚ creative services and thorough market research. Very often, DBM will research automotive dealerships for current deco styling and item colors. This research greatly contributes to vehicle coloring and deco choices for Nikko’s final product line.

Staff members at DBM frequently attend seminars that keep them current on graphic trends and computer technology. I rely on DBM’s recommendations on broad issues like packaging design and more concentrated issues such as item coloring and styling. DBM prides themselves on staying topical and relative to an ever-changing selling environment.

DBM is a part of my sales and marketing team. I highly value my relationship with DBM and look forward to it continuing to grow.


Kimberly Smith
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Nikko America, Inc


Dear Steph and Will,

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of the assistance that DBM has provided us. With your help, our product literature, graphics and website design have proven invaluable in the effective marketing of our company’s products and services.

Prior to working with DBM, Contemporary Research did a large percentage of our graphics design in-house. The availability of desktop publishing tools made it possible for us to create the material, but our graphics looked as if they were designed by engineers - probably because they were. In search of something better, we worked with a number of other graphics design shops; their work was less than aesthetically pleasing and the material lacked the technical coherency that is critical in the marketing of a technical product.

With DBM, I believe we have found a perfect balance - the quality of work, professionalism and assistance provided by all of the people in your organization have made it possible for us to present our company in the best possible light. Thanks to you, our marketing materials are interesting, informative, and truly represent the spirit of our organization. On behalf of all of us at Contemporary Research, I would like to extend our thanks, and look forward to working with you on future projects.


Michelle Hetzler
VP Operations

Contemporary Research Corp.


Dear Will:

It is the exception, rather than the rule, that agencies like DBM offer such a level of professionalism. I wanted you and your group to know how much I appreciate your creative genius.

My expectations were surpassed in many areas. It seemed that DBM always delivered more than was promised. I am so pleased with the creative portfolio that you executed for our corporate capabilities campaign. Your ingenuity was only surpassed by your meeting our rush deadline under our budget allocation!

I am grateful for your unceasing patience and flexibility in helping ARC Pressure Data birth this project. DBM breathed life into our profile. The response to your graphics and designs has been extremely positive throughout our company. I am certain that the trade show exhibit you engineered will be a hit, as well.

I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to our continuing to work together.

Very truly yours,

Rebecca Jung
Director of Marketing

ARC Pressure Data Incorporated


Dear Will:

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your extra effort in meeting the deadlines of our latest projects. We didn’t mean “to kill ya” on all the last minute changes and adjustments. Your positive attitude and patience with us really helped to make the rush much less stressful.

Everyone at One Up is very impressed with the education catalog, SMART CDs and SMART notepads. I look forward to seeing the printed revised SMART slick in the few days. I’m sure it will be “kickin!”.

I hope you enjoy the enclosed gifts, and I look forward to doing more business with you very soon. Thanks again Will.


Peggy Pearson

One Up Corporation


Dear Will:

The Evergreen Gala is underway! We greatly appreciate you providing us with the design of the Pre-Party invitations. The invitations have been received with tremendous applause which we extend to you for all your hard work.

Your contribution not only helped us in kicking off our Gala season, but more importantly, will aid us in attempting to reach our goal of exceeding last year’s contribution of $106,000 plus to the American Cancer Society. Since its inception in 1992, the Evergreen Gala has been able to, through its fund raising activities, provide much needed funds for an organization that is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer and saving lives through research, education, and service. As with past contributions, and yours, there is no way we could possibly repay for what has been provided for us.

Once again we greatly appreciate your donation and your commitment in helping us with the future Pre-Party and Gala invitations.


Terry McKee
Invitations Chairman

Evergreen Gala



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