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William Mote  
William Mote

Unlimited Color

My art is colorful, bold, abstract contemporary. This series, “Unlimited Color,” is my highway to unlimited self expression. I toss out the rules, loose the fine details and let my imagination run wild.

It is a very important goal of mine to create art that brings joy to its new home through the use of Unlimited Color.

Thank you for stopping by my website!

New Artwork

Painting In Progress


New York City - IT'S FINISHED!

This painting is 4 feet by 3 feet. It is going to be an awesome, William Mote version of the big apple skyline. Fun fact, if you haven’t noticed, New York City is in a supertall skyscraper boom. 20+ skyscrapers will forever alter the New York City skyline are being built today! This painting will have all the existing iconic buildings along with new icons that are being built today. It will be completed by mid February. I’ll post progress photos soon.

Email me and I'll send you a big photo and price.


Completed Paintings & Prints For Sale


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